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Boyan Yordanov

Born to capture other side of life

My passion to photography was born ... maybe when I was born. First lessons I got from my father, teaching me how to use old film based Beretta, how important light is and composing the photo. Later I learnt that you should be prepared to capture the moment and search for such moments in any place. This aligns the time with place and surely you need a bit of luck.

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Family Photography

When photographs capture events that shape the history of a family, we refer to it as family photography - a glimpse into the family history. Family photos have the power to narrate an entire novel. Each individual photo is like a small snippet of time, but when gathered, they form a vibrant tapestry of sequential scenes and patterns that transform into a comprehensive family photo essay.

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Birthday Party Photography

Capture the Magic of Your Celebration: Elevate your birthday party experience with our expert photography. We specialize in candid, vibrant shots that seize the genuine emotions, dynamic energy, and every cherished detail of your event. Let us transform your special day into a visual story that you'll relive for years to come. Book now and turn your moments into timeless memories!

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Capture Your Graduation Moments

Cherish the culmination of your academic journey with stunning and professional graduation event photography. From the proud cap and gown moments to candid laughter shared with loved ones, I'm here to capture every emotion and detail. Let me transform your graduation into a visual story that you'll treasure forever. Book now to secure a personalized photography experience that commemorates your achievements in a timeless and memorable way.

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